Cowra Festival TANKA and TANKA

Cowra Festival  
of International Understanding

        Guest Nation: Japan

           15-17 March 2019

Japan will be the ‘Guest Nation’ in 2019, at the Commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Cowra Prison Breakout.’  The Canberra Japan Club Bluebells Tanka Group is planning to be involved in this festival, by displaying bi-lingual tanka, with Japanese versions written with brush and ink.  The Tanka Group is inviting us, ‘短歌とTanka’  to join in their project.  Would you please submit your tanka, maximum three, with the theme, ‘Cowra’ by the end of this year.  In order to display the tanka we would like to choose from your contributed tanka and translate in either one of the two languages.

1) Theme: poems must be about, or reference, either Cowra. The actual name of the city need not appear in the poem, but there should be some element in it identifying the poem with Cowra.

2) Form: submissions in Japanese  should be in the traditional tanka form. English too.

3) Number of submissions: maximum of 3per poet, of which 1 poem is guaranteed publication.

4) Period for submission:   31st  December 2018               

5) Editorial committee: Noriko Tanaka, Saeko Ogi, Amelia Fielden

6) Submission addresses: 

* please e-mail your poetry all through

either in English or Japanese.

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