Literary Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of Sisterhood Between Nara City and Canberra City

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The year 2018 will mark the 25th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Nara and Canberra. As a commemoration of the friendship both between Nara and Canberra, and between

Japan and Australia, we are calling for tanka submissions from the general public to be used in the creation of a bilingual anthology. Submission is open to poets world-wide, not just to the citizens of Nara and Canberra.

100 of the best and most appropriate poems submitted … 50 of those composed in Japanese, and 50 of those composed in English… will be chosen for the anthology by the editorial committee. They will then be translated, respectively, into English and into Japanese, and the resulting compilation will be published bilingually.

Additionally, in November 2018 a special event will be held in Nara, at which the poems selected for the anthology will be celebrated and read aloud. The exact details of this event will be made public at a later date.

The editorial committee will be waiting eagerly to receive your work.



1) Theme: poems must be about, or reference, either Nara or Canberra. The actual name of the city need not appear in the poem, but there should be some element in it identifying the poem with one or other of the cities.

2) Form: submissions in Japanese should be in the traditional tanka form.

Submissions in English may be either tanka and/or haiku.

3) Number of submissions: maximum of 5 per poet, of which 1 poem is guaranteed publication.

4) Period for submission:

1st July to 1st December 2017               

5) Editorial committee: Noriko Tanaka, Saeko Ogi, Amelia Fielden

6) Submission addresses:

* please e-mail your poetry all through either in English or Japanese.