What ‘s ”TANKA & TANKA”?






We proudly introduce you to ‘TANKA & TANKA,’ an electronic journal of Tanka, the ancient Japanese poetry form. The Japanese people have been writing this form of poetry for 1300 years to express their sincere and profound emotions felt through life and nature.


This i-journal has visions to connect the world

through writing and reading Tanka by issuing two journals per year,

with reciprocal translation in the Japanese and English languages.

We believe that this is the first bilingual electronic journal of Tanka.

We are sure that we can create a friendly and enjoyable space on line

for those exciting poets in the world.

Tanka are five-lined short poems as written in English.

You are able to see some examples in translation

in the page of ‘Some tanka from ‘Music of the Heart.’